photos by Barry Weiss

Formerly Anaïs, A Dance Opera


Anaïs Nin: Unbound

Director/Choreographer Janet Roston

Composer/Lyricist Cindy Shapiro


Anaïs Nin: Unbound, created by composer/lyricist Cindy Shapiro and director/choreographer Janet Roston incorporates music, dance and visual projections into a cutting edge stage production that explores and illuminates the riveting life of famed diarist and literary figure Anaïs Nin and her world of words, sex, passion and creativity.



Anaïs Nin: Unbound celebrates Nin’s story as one of personal and artistic triumph which continues to influence the world today. Sensuous, probing, compelling and thought provoking, the production is presented with one live female vocalist as Eternal Anaïs supported by six dancers who, with projections, tell the absorbing life story of Anaïs Nin. The dancers bring the controversial author to life in a production that shatters stage conventions in the same way Nin herself violated literary and societal expectations.


After an acclaimed run at the Greenway Court theatre in Los Angeles, Anaïs Nin: Unbound enjoyed a triumphant success at the Avignon Festival D'Off 2017 in Avignon, France.





Performance History:


International Theatre Festival

Casablanca, Morocco


La Nouvelle Eve

Paris, France


Musco Center for the Performing Arts,

Chapman University, Orange, CA

September 28, 2017


New Vic Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA

Co-Produced by Diana Raab

September 8 - 9, 2017


Festival Off d'Avignon ‘17

Avignon, France

July 7 - 30, 2017


Greenway Court Theatre

Aug 27 - Sept 24, 2016


2015 Performances:

Miles Playhouse, Santa Monica

Los Angeles Dance Festival. Los Angeles

Pasadena Dance Festival, Pasadena

Awakenings and Beginnings, Los Angeles





“Employing edgy music and thoughtful compositions, complemented by Roston’s dreamy, lyrical and passionate choreography, Shapiro acknowledges Nin as an important literary figure.”



“Sensuous, compelling and thought provoking”

          - Huffington Post


"...seamless marriage of all the elements presented: the lyrics, visuals, choreography, performances and music... a wonderful tribute."



"This production succeeds extremely well through a series of tableaux vividly representing her life in phrases, in moments. Nothing is forgotten, props, lights, music, dance, text, all with precision and a well-constructed story. A marvelous piece that we could very well see again in Europe in the near future."



“Each year the Festival Off of Avignon reveals a special production that stands out for its immense creativity. The energy and amazing dynamics of the dancers, the gorgeous voice of the singer, the beautiful projections and the music take the audience into a dream-like universe. It is one of the strongest productions of the Festival Off 2017.”

          - MPA Communications


"This show is large in all ways, style, scope and quality. The American troupe from Los Angeles of six dancers and a singer are all excellent. The hall was full and the audience embraced the production with enthusiasm."